Comfort Foods-The Healthy Way

Comfort food is, well… comforting. Whether you’ve had a hard day at work, trouble in your relationship or just need a lift, it is...


Coffee Q: What is the truth about taking coffee in your diet? The good and the bad? A: Coffee has been found by many...

How Much should I eat?

Stop wondering anymore about how much and what to eat, Contact us to make a Meal Plan for you. We help you shop and...

Are you at health risk? Consult us and let’s assess you.

Take our health and lifestyle tests,submit them and we shall tell you whether you are at health risk from your lifestyle habits and what...

Nutrition Projects

Bud in our food and nutrition projects and let’s show you how to eat healthy in an affordable,feasible,sustainable and safe platform.
Group discussion before the start of the panel
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Rasha Kelej at the launch of the Merck More than a mother campaign
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