Even Women Get Gout | Dietary Remedies

Looking around today’s sedentary society, many men are faced by the problem of gout brought about by an itching toe, joint or even the knees. Gout has since become common among people in this society, both men and women who have already reached their menopause.

Gout is a form of arthritis that can be found as a symptom on the feet-big toe specifically caused by excessive deposits of uric acid. Once called the “disease of kings,” gout has long been associated with portly men – especially those who could afford to overindulge in rich foods and alcohol. But gout in women is not uncommon, especially after menopause.

During menopause, which occurs at age 51 on average, (
and maybe 45 nowadays) a woman’s body drastically cuts its production of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen may help the kidneys excrete uric acid, so after menopause, a woman’s uric acid level begins to increase. It usually takes several years for the uric acid level to reach the point where crystals can form. By about age 60, the number of cases of gout in women and men are about equal; after age 80, more women than men have gout.

So what do you do to avoid or manage this painful joint ache?
In addition to medication, you can control how much uric acid your body produces by avoiding foods high in purines, which increase the uric acid level when digested and metabolized. Such off-limit foods include alcohol, bacon, liver, beef,pork and turkey . Go light on sweetened drinks such as sodas, juices etc.(especially the soft drinks). Loose weight and ensure you eat meals according to your calorie requirement. Low calorie intake in a bid to starve or loose weight increases uric acid production in the body. Alcohol acts as an accelerator and inhibitor to uric acid removal and that is why most men who take beer will definitely get gout at one point or another.

In the end, a high fibre diet allows for your body to keep eliminating excessive uric acid and avoid gout!

There you have it, Be careful as a woman, you just might be having Gout after menopause without your Knowledge

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