Q: Which is the best exercise to lose my pot belly?

A: Sit ups, side bends, leg lifts are some of the best to strengthen your stomach muscles. Always ask to speak to a good professional in the gym to strengthen your exercise program.

Q: What food should one eat before and after exercising?

A: When to eat affects what to eat. When exercising, ensure that you eat at least more than 2 hours before working out. Ideally eat less than 4 hours before exercise. Eat a balanced diet 2 to 4 hours before exercise. Large meals may make you feel lazy so avoid them before exercise. Ensure that you incorporate water before the exercise to avoid having stitches while working out.

Written by Nduta Wambura

Nduta Wambura is a certified Clinical Nutritionist and Public Health advocate

Website: http://www.ask-thenutritionist.com