Nutrition and Breast feeding

Breast feeding

Q: Where can I get advice on how to breastfeed my child?

A: Visit your hospital and speak to a nutritionist near you or contact me for more details

Q: Why breastfeed for 6 months?

A: Breastfeeding for six months ensures that your child is immune and does not fall sick from disorders such as diarrhea and low weight incidences. Breastfeeding improves your brain development and thus is best to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months without even giving water.

Q: My child will not breastfeed and keeps on crying and I do not know what to do. The child is 5 months old (caller on milele Fm)

A: If your baby seems not to be comforted by breast milk, you should take the baby to your doctor. He or she may have developed colic or is uncomfortable or in pain. It can be devastating but can be changed through change of diet by the mother. The mother ought to stop taking a diet high in animal protein such as milk, eggs, wheat and nuts. Gripe water should not just be used and has to be diagnosed by the doctor.

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