Enjoy our services that Include:

Nutrition Consultations:

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Personal Nutrition Meal planning and Recipes
  • Talks and assesment to groups including churches,chamas,men and women forums

Nutrition Projects

  • Bud in our network and know how to become food secure through an affordable,sustainable and secure platform.

How much to eat and what to eat

  • After we assess your nutrition needs, Visit us to make a Meal Plan for you. We help you shop and give you recipes according to your Calorie and Health Requirements.

Sports Nutrition program:

  • We link you up with the best Optimal performance goals and what to eat to maintain sports goals


  • Nutrition counselling for newly weds.
  • How to change eating habits and how to incorporate foods that will help you and your spouse.
  • Nutrition Programs to prepare you for your wedding and food and catering services offered on your wedding day.

Infant and young Children counselling and support

  • What to look out for when breast feeding to ensure your baby’s weight is constant with age
  • Weaning habits
  • Supplementation of food
  • Breastfeeding practices

Clinical Nutrition

  • Counselling on food intake after visiting the doctor

Dine and learn

  • Take our assessment test and let’s choose a restaurant for you where we help you choose what to eat in line with your dietary requirements.

Nutrition Mentorship

  • Motivation talks and Mentoring on how to make nutrition work for you after taking the course in the university or college.